How to reheat fish

Do you have leftover fish in your fridge and are wondering how to reheat fish? Fresh fish meals, when well-prepared, are tasty and full of flavor. But the challenge is warming the leftover fish since the meal is notoriously susceptible to overcooking. So unless you know the best method of reheating fish, you might end up turning a leftover fish into something nasty.

The best way to reheat your leftover fish is by using the gentle approach. Note that seafood is different from other cooked food in your home since it is delicate. So you need to be gentle when reheating fried fish. Using the high temperature when reheating your leftover seafood, will lead to you getting dry fish and also destroy the flavor.

Take the time to learn about the options you can use to reheat fish. That way, you will enjoy your reheated fish. Here are tips on ways you can reheat your leftover salmon in home cooks. But, you can apply the same method to other types.

Fish on the airfryer

Have Proper Storage

To get the best results when reheating your leftover fish, you must ensure that you have stored it correctly. The best option is to store your leftover fish in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a few days. Though you can also freeze it if you are planning to store your fried fish for more than three to four days, this is not the best option as it will destroy the flavor and texture of your cooked fish.

Preserve Thicker Cuts

It is easier to preserve your cooked fish the moisture and flavor of thick-cut fatty fish compared to the thin cuts. Thin slices will get dried out and lose their juices faster than the thick slices. If you are going to cut your fried fish when preserving, cut them into thicker pieces.


Avoid Using A Microwave

Most people turn to the microwave when reheating their food since it is easy and convenient. But, unfortunately, using the microwave is not the best option when you are reheating leftovers fish. Microwaves have a high internal temperature that will unleash strong smelling aldehydes due to oxidization. The high heat will also lead to the fried fish drying out and losing its flavor. In addition, it is worth remembering that strong heat will destroy the beneficial fatty acids as well.

Microwave heating


Use The Oven

The best way to reheat fried fish is by using a toaster oven. The reason to choose fried fish in the toaster oven is that it is easy to regulate the temperature and ensure that your meal does not overcook. Also, since you can regulate the internal temperature of the oven, it will help ensure the leftover fish does not dry up. Besides, reheating leftover fish using an oven will reduce the oxidation rate, and it will do a better job at keeping the strong smell in. The ideal temperature for reheating fried fish when in the oven is 125-130 degrees.


Over The Stovetop Or Skillet

If you are not bothered by the strong smell, you can use a stovetop or the skillet to reheat fish. Using the stovetop is a suitable option for those who are reheating fish stew or sautéed fish. If you are reheating fried fish using a skillet, then add oil and add the fried fish. Cover the skillet but keep checking every few minutes to ensure that the salmon heats evenly.


Using An Air Fryer

Another great option you can use when reheating the fish is the air fryer oven. The air fryer oven is fast and will help in maintaining the crispness of the fish. When using the air fryer oven, ensure that there is no source of foil remaining on the trout. Cook the leftovers using medium heat. When you reheat leftover fish, cook and flip the fish halfway through to ensure it is heated evenly.


Cover When Heating fish in the oven

When heating your trout, it is important to cover it loosely using aluminum foil. Covering your fish when heating will protect the edges from drying out and give you extra protection from the fishy smell. The foil will also help the middle of your fish from drying out and not warming up all the way through.

Using an oven fryer


Add A Little Water

The other option you can use when heating the fish is to add cold water. All you need is to add just a splash of water into the baking dish before putting in the oven аt low temperature. The water will help ensure that the seafood does not lose moisture.

Just add water

Limit your expectation

Even if you follow the steps discussed when reheating your fish cakes, you should limit your expectation. Note that it is hardly possible for the fish to retain its original flavor. However, when you use the methods discussed above, you will help retain great taste.

Choose To Enjoy When Cold

Reheating the fish might seem like the only option you have when you have cold fish in your refrigerator. However, you can also choose to eat the fish cold. Note that salmon is even better when you eat it cold since it has a strong flavor when cold. In addition, you can add it to your salad that needs a protein boost.

Cold doesn`t mean tasteless

Final thought

Fish is a lovely and amazingly healthy, and versatile food. Thus, enjoying even a day after should not be a horrific experience. However, by following these steps, you can enjoy your favorite fish a second time while retaining the beneficial fatty acids.