Frozen seafood mix

If you love seafood, then once or twice, you must have wandered into the frozen seafood section of the store.

While eating seafood is fun, it might be hard to figure out what to do with a can of frozen seafood. Most cans come with a mixture of different foods that you will find interesting to your palette.

frozen seafood mix

Seafood mix

If you make it right, then you might just have yourself a great home-cooked seafood meal. The other good thing with the seafood mix is, there are more than one ways to cook it.

Just because one recipe does not work for you doesn’t mean you cannot get another that works. Here are the top new recipes you can use to make your seafood mix taste great.

It is gluten-free as well which makes it a healthy cooked option.

frozen mussels

Sautéed seafood recipes


  • Frozen seafood mix. You can pick prawns, shrimp, squid, calamari, seafood medley and bay scallops
  • olive oil or butter
  • Kosher salt
  • Minced garlic
  • Spices like paprika and red pepper flakes
  • Lemon and parsley for garnish
how to cook frozen seafood mix


  • Defrost your frozen seafood: before anything else, ensure that your seafood is completely thawed. In order to cook seafood it needs to be at room temperature or else, you end up with a rubbery texture in your food. Take your frozen fish or seafood out of the freezer the day before.
  • heat your olive oil or butter in a large skillet or pan over medium-high heat and once the bubbles stop forming, add the seafood. Stir fry it up for a while over medium high heat, then add your seasoning and garlic.
  • cook your food for about 5 minutes stirring or until the food is almost opaque. Do not go beyond the 7-minute mark, as your food will become overcooked and chewy.
  • Transfer the food to a platter and spoon the juices on top. Once done, you can garnish the dish with your parsley and a squeeze of lemon to make the flavors pop.
frozen shrimp


You can serve this dish with crusty bread since it has a lot of sauce if you let it simmer for a bit, or you could spoon in atop plain rice. it is a delicious combination of seafood medley. you can even add some mussels.

Air fry frozen seafood mix

Fryer pleasure for seafood

One of the greatest inventions in the kitchen at the moment has to be the air fryer. There are so many uses for it that you will be spoilt for choice.

While in the past, people only experimented with the food they were familiar with, more people can cook seafood air fryer.

fresh seafood mix

Seafood deep fryer fast and healthy food

The main reason behind it is, the air fry does not need a lot of oil. the heat from the fryer is a great mode to cook the fish or any other seafood you do not even have to boil the food before using the fryer.


The good thing about this food is, you do not have to cook it for longer. the new recipe works just fine. Select your food and place it in the air fry after a light oil drizzle and black pepper.

Leave it in for a few minutes, then turn and do the same on the other side for five minutes, and your meal is healthy.

You can eat this alongside rice or another finger food that you have around the house. It does not need a list of ingredients, and you get to flavor it as you go along.

The one thing you should remember with this meal is to thaw it as well.

How the right kind of ingredients affects the food your get

The correct recipe is not the key to success

While getting the right recipe will help you make the most out of your seafood mix, there is a chance that things might still go wrong.

The main reason for this being, frozen food can get refrozen. Refrozen food is harder to thaw and needs more cooking time. In turn, it leads to a chewy and gummy texture for your meals.

Avoid refrozen seafood

The easiest way to know if the mix is refrozen is to look at the packaging. If there are icicles in the packet, then the package was refrozen. You will not get a good taste out of it.

avoid refrezen seafood

How to thaw your seafood well

Why cooked seafood is not tasty?

Another reason why your seafood might not taste as good as a restaurant is you started cooking it

while it was still frozen.

Сorrect defrosting is important

The good thing with this issue is, you can sort it out yourself. All you need to do is to get it out of the freezer and put it into the fridge for at least 24 hours.

That way, the food thaws and can get to room temperature faster.

Сold water is another method

It is also easier to cook with it since the outside will not be cooked while the inside is cold as ice.

If you have no time to thaw the food in the fridge, simply keep it in cold water.

It will thaw fast enough without the food’s taste being altered.

Do not spoil frozen seafood with hot water

Do not get tempted to use hot water as it will not only thaw the food but cook it as well, which will affect the final result.

fryer pleasure for seafood

Seafood mix it’s easy and tasty

Seafood mix is something that is gaining popularity around the world. If you would like to up your cooking skills, then it would nice idea to try the mix.

Seafood mix it’s sparingly

You can get a variation on the seafood on your plate without having to invest in a lot of food to use a lot of money. It is the easiest mix for you to whip together.